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address tomorrow night. here's what we know. we're told three year freeze aims to save the government $250 billion. that is over ten years. the money set aside for the military, for veterans affairs and homeland security will not be touched. same for social security. medicare and medicaid. this afternoon, on the east coast, the white house press secretary robert gibbs tried to explain how our government would try to save our tax dollars. >> we're investing in what it important to invest in, we're cutting in to programs that outlived their usefulness and need to be cut. again, that's what a family does. that's what the government should begin to do. >> but this is washington so we will argue about it. not everybody's onboard. critics are out in force. major garrett is live at the white house, this broke during fox report last night. somebody else broke the embargo.
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>> we won't get into that. >> the left is mad, the right is mad. who is not mad at the white house? >> look, the white house is probably willing and i know for a fact it's willing to have a fight with the leral left to suggest independent voters to strayed away he's serious about dealing with the deficit. congressional democrats oppose it saying they don't want to are do you say federal spending but they're afraid it would cause a double dip recession. we're only talking 10 to $15 billion in the first year out of $15 trillion. that doesn't cause a double dip recession. democrats are afraid of the uncertainty of having their programs on the chopping block in an election year. the white house assures them it's only do you police duplicae
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programs. congress has heard that before. >> help us the numbers here. if congress says buy this, how much would it save and how much would it compare with the other spending? >> a big f if in fact congress buys into this not just for the next fiscal year, 2011, but 2012 and 13, so three years, it would have to freeze the specialized spending. if it does that, you take it over ten years and save the federal government $250 billion. the problem, shepard, over the same ten years the projected deficit for that peri of time, $6 trillion. it's a drop in the bucket but the white house says you have to start somewhere and the head of the congressional budget office says it's a step in the right direction but a small one. >> shepard: if they do it. major, thank you. a search for answers on capitol hill today after what the president called an intelligence
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failure in stopping that attempted christmas day under pants bomber. the senate homeland security council heard testimony from two security experts who say the failed bombing of the flight shows terrorist are switching to new tactics, think small and use lone operatives. that after two wrote to eric holder urging him to turn over the bombing suspect to the department of defense. the goal tre, question and charge him as an enemy combatant rather than civilian. steve has the news from d.c. what else came out of the hearing? >> one of the president's fellow democrats testified suggesting the president shares some blame for the intelligence failure in the christmas day attack. former congressman lee hamilton saying president obama's instincts are good but he's
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still feeling his way. >> shepard: good grief. >> i do not think he has a firm grasp yet of the intelligence community and therefore i'm pretty strong in my thought that he has to step in pretty hard here or some of these tensions, which have surfaced, will exacerbate the. >> the other witness, former new jersey governor thomas cane says the u.s. was distracted by healthcare and the economic from the president on down. >> shepard: what about the letter from lieberman and collins about the christmas day suspect. >> they sent a letter to the attorney general, eric holder, say he ought to be turned over to the military. they're debris he angry he was given his miranda rights and not as much information came from him. lieberman said it was like
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alice-in-wonderland. >> they're aware there's been no war declared. we understand homeland secretary janet napolitano held a conference following a trip to europe. what came of that? >> the secretary says there's a new international agreement to cooperate on airline security. she was rounding up support for increased security and had this to say. >> the terrorists are going to look for any gap they can find in the system. and they're have strategic and they'll go in an international system to where they think a gap exists. >> the secretary urging european nations to useful body scanners at airports, something they don't like at all at this point. >> shepard: all right, steve, good to see you. >> we're learning more about the last moments of the ethiopian
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jet that crashed. lebanon transportation chief reports after taking off from beirut, the pilot was flying the opposite direction from the flight path instructed and minutes later communication was gone and plane vanished from radar. the jetliner was headed to the capital when it crashed. investigators say it appears there are no survivors. we're told the flight took off into thunderstorms but officials said that did not keep other flights from arriving and departing safely. investigators say it's unclear if pilot error was a factor. crews are using sonar to search for the black box. the data recorder and voice recorder. in haiti, new today, the u.s. state at the present time reports nearly 100 americans died in the earthquake and new reports that survivors are having a tough time. united nations troops fired tear gas into a crowd around a relief
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workers today trying to get food. one brazilian soldier said they were just hungry and win you get hungry you do just about everything especially when there's not enough food a closer look at how the u.s. military is handling the relief. an army civil affairs team was in one of the worst slums in haiti's capital. rick leventhal is live from our position high on the hill in port-au-prince. what was the team doing? >> what they weren't doing was delivering aid but they say they were trying to figure out the best way to do that. we were in village la pay, one of the city's worst slums. we went there with members of the army and navy, many of them haitian americans who joined our military and are reaching out to people in the poor slums, areas so dangerous many of these nongovernmental organizations
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won't go. the locals say when aid arrives in many cases people fight and only the strongest men end up with the goods leaving the women and children out. >> how is the military tackling this problem? >> they're using haitian amican troops to reach out to the locals. they say they get better access that way and they're talking to the people on the street and community leader. in some cases even gang leaders, whoever is in charge to work with to make sure when aid is distributed it gets to t people who need it most. they say having haitians in uniform gives them better access that they might not get. >> i know the language, the areas, and being in the military, definitely they look up to me and i feel like in my present day i can be an asset. >> the young kid look at you and
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say maybe i can be in the u.s. military. >> all the time. he have been is like i'm just to be just like you one day. >> we definitely saw smiles on kids' faces but not on many adults. >> rick, thank you. the live reports don't stop there. yet updates from reporters and producers in the field blogging live on our website. log on to and click on the live shots tab. if you want to help haiti, learn more about how at you'll find a list of vetted charities and all kinds of stuff. the white house is responding to the findings of a new report on weapons of mass destruction. a bipartisan panel gave the obama administration an f.
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the united states is not ready for a biological weapons attack. a assessment from a bipartisan commission on the prevention of weapons of mass destruction. the commission gave the obama administration a failing grade claiming they've not done nearly enough to defend against an attack using a deadly virus or bacteria. the commission also faults the last three administrations for similarly being slow to recognize how real t threat is and the report said if the world doesn't wake up, we could likely see some sort of biological terror attack by the end of 2013. with us, the vice chairman of the wmd commission jim talon. >> thank you. good to be with us. >> shepard: what this 2013 business? is that a random number?
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>> no it really isn't. we came into being as a commission in the spring of '08 and studied six months, traveled the world and interviewed the intel community and concluded the threat of the wmd attack was growing and would reach probability about 2013 and probably a bioattack. two weeks later the director of national intelligence agreed. >> what do we need to do? >> well, on the bioside, we need to get prepared. stockpile the counter measures, have sensing devices in the targeted cities and have distribution networks, if we harden the targets it's less likely they attack because it's not a weapon of mass destruction. >> you know what the hospital capacity is?
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we're at 85% capacity in the city of new york. handling a biological attack is impossible no matter what we do. >> given our current say the we're correct. the h1n1, we had six months notice and were short of vaccines. the president asked the cdc today how many people had h1n1 and they couldn't tell him. this is basically a public health exercise which we know how to do. we don't rely on international cooperation and we're saying as a commission, we need to make a real evident to do -- effort to. >> into it makes sense we need to do everything and everything we can to protect ourselves but as you just did, we need to come to realizations, among them there are some things we can't handle. one the hospitals are full, they're full. what else are you going to do? there's no system in place to
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handle anything. >> you plan -- you plan for surge capacity in the event certain things happen. we have to look at washington first and get a decision-making apparatus in place where it's a priority. there's nobody in the senior political appointee with experience in bio. we can at least plan and decide what we can do and we can take the best steps to make certain we have the capabilities. >> shepard: you would have thought something might have been done afte the anthrax. it ended up in this building and across the street. nobody found out where it came from or why it ended up there and never did anything to prevent it in the future. >> the reason we're concerned about a bio attack as opened to nuclear is it's's to weaponnize.
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>> jim demint, former senator and now on the commission. good luck, make us listen. >> thank you sir. >> i said demint. good grieve. >> he's better looking. >> he's still in there you got out. >> a pair of apartment complexes with million dollars views on the edge of a crumbling cliff. homeowners are worried they won't ever be able to return. we're live at the scene in 2 1/2 minutes. heck it out, gas prices blowing up sky high ♪
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>> shepard: 18 minutes past the hour. homeowners on california's batrd coast are asking for the government's help to save their homes from disaster. several powerful storms sped up beach and cliff erosion. engineers are trying to secure the area. craig from the san francisco area, what's being done to help these homes? >> good morning, well, behind me you can see construction crews here, a big one. 160-ton crane and a guy mixes cement. they're putting big horizontal rebar into the side of the cliff, they call it horizontal
3:19 pm
drilling. this morning the crane picked up two guys in a basket and lifted it onto the other side of the building, the building that was red tagged in tees. what they're doing is drilling holes in the side of the cliff to shore up the cliff that way. a lot of it has been falling since december and parts of the cliff north of the building are falling away. a building adjacent has 6 apartments red tags. people have moved out and there are still apartments in peril, even up the coastline. some buildings up the street this morning, they once had a dog park in the back of the building, now 30 feet of real estate. this has been going on since december and people have been moving out. the rain and the waves have not helped the situation at all. right now we're waiting for who is going to pay for it and where the money comes from.
3:20 pm
>> i bet the government has to do it again. that's what usually happens. craig from fox 2 news in the bay area. thank you. >> shepard: president obama expected to unveil a partial spending freeze or at least the idea there of. the president didn't always support such a plan. the government issuing a ban on texting while driving. the government issued a new ban on texting while driving. who this new rule affects inside "studio b."
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>> shepard: president expect today outline a fairly substantial federal spending freeze when he delivers his first state of the union address tomorrow night. the white house says the freeze is necessary and could save a quarter trillion dollars over the next ten years. but during the presidential election debates, the president was striking a definitive tune. listen. >> the problem with a spending freeze is our using a hatchet. i disagree with an across the board freeze, an capitalism of a unfair burden. that's using a hatchet to cut the federal budget. i want a scalpel. >> is the president using a hatchet or scalpel with the new spending freeze? with us, tom bevins.
3:24 pm
hey, tom. >> what is it a scalpel or hatchet or something else? >> well, i mean one of the things about the rollup is confusion. it was presented in the news as a hatchet, an across the board spending freeze, $447 billion for these discretionary nondefense items. that's locked in for three years but administration officials are now going back and telling people that no, that's a cap and within that cap, certain areas can be boosted and other areas taken down. so it's not exactly clear what it is, whether it's a hatchet or a scalpel at this point. >> shepard: translation, sounds like a bunch of hooey. >> well, i think -- it is obama's effort, one of the ideas pushed on him i think by centrist democrats, including evan bayh, to tackle the issue. it's an issue he lost massive
3:25 pm
support in over the last year, down in the 30s in terms of approval. he's got to get a handle on it and that's one of the lessons the administration learned from the massachusetts election. >> shepard: do you think he can get it through? the right, you know, history would say wouldn't be for it and the far left would not be for such a thing. >> it's true. well, actually i think some people on the right, some republicans are certainly going to sign on. mccain endorsed it this morning. there will are others. >> shepard: he's not exactly the far right but i feel you. >> no, they're not against freezes and spending but this proposal is under criticism from the left, calling it fundamentally unserious and using they did like that. they think it's something he promised, he campaigned against and now is going back on that in the face of his coming to his second year. the face of new problems.
3:26 pm
i wonder if politicians are offering a better idea for ways to get spending under control. >> well, certainly you know, the thing right now is about job creation, job growth. republicans have their ideas and democrats have their ideas but part of the thing about this proposal is that only in the first year, it's only $15 billion of savings on a $3 trillion budget, including a $1,000,000,000,000..1.3 trillion deficit so it's small potatoes. >> shepard: its like give up one big mac a year. i wonder how much you believe might fit under this -- some people are pupulist but there's a faux population going on that we might as well recognize, the elephant in the room. >> it is. that's the president has changed his style, his tone, his delivery. i think part of that. again it's trying to recast himself as a deficit hawk after a year of being pounded for
3:27 pm
being a run away spender. but it does fit into the message we're going to go to every penny back from the bank, the banks on wall street, and we're going to try to save whatever pennies we can though it's small potatoes. we're trying to save every penny for the american people. >> shepard: it's sounding like obama 2.0 and you wonder how you can do that a year after being elected. there was the other idea you stick with what got you elected and do what you said you would do instead of saying you would and not do them and your base begins to hate you. >> yeah, it's a great point. that's one of the things we've learned is that what was such a benefit to the president during the campaign, that he was a vessel liberals saw as progressives and independents saw as a pragmatic centrist. he's disappointed both ends of the spectrum and his coalition
3:28 pm
wasn't as deep and broad or durable is the better word as most people thought. we've seen people fall away as he dis points them from the left and middle and that's why he's forced to change tone if not necessarily change policies. >> shepard: enter david plouffe. it's a winning combination in the past. tom blevin, great to see you, thank you. >> the president's state of the union address tomorrow night right about here on the "fox news channel." bret baier will coor. we have a transporter room and i'll switch. we have a thing on fox radio, on if it has a fox on it and it's not about american idol -- no it's everywhere. if you don't want to see the president tomorrow, i suggest fx. we'll be live from capitol hill tomorrow and all the shep
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our government today inin facted new rules to curb texting while driving. according to the transportation department, truck and bus drivers caught texting while driving would face fines upwards of $2,700. wow. the new federal rules do not apply to regular drivers. but 19 states already prohibit texting behind the wheel. the trucking and bus industries support the ban saying it makes everybody safer. >> a man from virginia is behind bars on weapons charges this hour. weird story this is. police say -- they chasing him, they go to his motel room and find guns and ammunition, maps of a military base, and all kinds of other stuff. the suspect is a guy named lloyd woodson. they arrested him early yesterday morning after cops got a 911 call about a suspicious person in a convenience store. prosecutors say at the time of
3:33 pm
the arrest, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying what police called -- i'm not calling it this -- what police called, aim quoting them, an assault rifle under his coat. emails to police. after searching his ram at the red mill inn in branchburg, investigators say they found even more rifles and, by the way, everybody needs a grenade launcher. he had one of those. hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a map of a military facility. the fib says the guy has no known links to terrorism but the investigation is ongoing. on the phone with us is amanda pa at the ca for the summer set reporter. what a motel room? what are they leaning to? >> i don't really -- i was at the motel today, trying to talk
3:34 pm
the to the managers but i couldn't get information. >> i usually leave my grenade launcher at home when i go to a motel. the map of the military installation has to have people concerned. >> i was talking to residents outside the quick check, where the employee called in to the police about the suspicious man, asking to see what the general mood was. it seems people aren't so much scared but a disbelief that it happened here. i did speak to one person who mentioned the map. she said that the map doesn't so much concern her. what would have concerned her more is if it was a map of the a local mall or specific plans to attack that quick check, places where she goes. >> shepard: they're not as worried about the military installation. >> yeah. >> shepard: that's weird. i'm in a roomful of people from new jersey and nobody has heard of branchburg. >> it's in central new jersey.
3:35 pm
>> how county? >> x extra exit? near 287 and exit 13. >> shepard: okay. that helps all of america. so like in the middle of new jersey. what's the military installation there? >> i know there are ones around franklin, around the new brunswick area. >> shepard: frank township? i'm not sure of ones nearby. as we know, as the prosecutor said, the base hasn't been identified. >> shepard: all right. >> we're not sure where it was targeting. >> shepard: i'm surprised people weren't more wigged out. >> not a lot of people seem to know about it. i stood in front of the quick check for an hour and asked people and people seemed to be going on about their business, very few people -- >> shepard: get them informed. we'll look forward to your reporting. thank you for calling in.
3:36 pm
>> a new twist in a bizarre mystery a police officer charged in the connection with the disappearance of this florida lotto winner. a police officer. so what's the police officer accused of doing? we'll talk sheriff's department leading the investigation next. [ male announcer ] the volkswagon routan is not only unique in its german-tuned suspension, but in its maximum attention to detail, from individually operated dvd players, child monitoring mirror... [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] ...elegant leather seating surfaces
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3:39 pm
this police officer, troy young, is accused much selling information to the person of interest in this case. the cop selling the information to the person of interest. that person of interest is a business associate as they put it who approached the lotto winner, abraham shakespeare. the so-called business associate befriended shakespeare and helped him disappear because he was sick of people asking for cash, which nobody believes. you should see the videotape. she did conveniently shoot the video which she says proves it. here's the part after she asked where he wants to go. >> doesn't matter to me. i'm not picky. >> california? you want a foreign country? cozumel?
3:40 pm
>> iran. >> are you going to miss your home? >> i will miss it but life goes on. >> check lake okeechobee. the lottery winner disappeared and investigators say this woman, dee dee moore, moved into his home and wired a million dollars from his account to hers. wow, do you think she might have had anything to do with it? she says it was a gift. shakespeare, the lottery winner is from lakeland, florida, about 35 miles or so -- slightly east-northeast of tampa. with us is a reporter from wwba news radio steve summers. if this woman hasn't done anything she has a lot of weirdness around here. >> weirdness is an understatement.
3:41 pm
this case is getting curiouser and curiouser. just a few minutes ago we are now reporting that investigators are actually tying a home they're searching today -- they went to the home in plant city, florida, about a half hour east of tampa, roped it off with police tape and brought in metal detectors and shovels and are digging some kind of excavation project. they're saying very little. and saidvy little all day but they're making the tie saying what they're doing is tied to the disappearance of abraham shakespeare and you'll never guess whose lawn they're digging up, the boyfriend of this woman, dee dee moore, who took shakespeare under her wing, so to speak, before coming up with ways to indicate he was still alive when he disappeared and moving the million dollars into
3:42 pm
her bank account. >> wow, it sounds like they think they're getting somewhere now. >> you know, really what has happened is since this fellow disappeared, november 9th, which is a little over two months now, there hasn't been a lot said the. at first it wasn't even a homicide investigation. they wouldn't call it that and never talked about suspects or anything other than shakespeare was tired of people asking him for money and so he was probably in the caribbean enjoying his $30 million take. it's only in the last week or so that the polk county sheriff came out and said, yeah, we're starting to move on some things that might be related to this case and it's began then to look more and more like there was foul play involved. >> shepard: all right, steve summers, sound like some progress.
3:43 pm
>> new developments in a search for missing 7-year-old girl in oklahoma. her mother found dead in the homeland and police believe the girl is with her mother's ex-con husband. oh joy. 2 1/2 minutes. @=h
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
>> shepard: 45 minutes past. oklahoma state investigators announcing murder and kidnapping charges in a amber alert case.
3:46 pm
aia johnson disappeared over the weekend. police founded mother murdered. the suspect, the mother's estranged husband, lester hobs. he's not aja's father. this is seedy gross. >> new details. i say father is jj johnson and gave a heartfelt press conference, asking for help, just drop her off, tell me where she is. but we did have a press conference with the oklahoma state bureau of investigation. they have arrest warrants for the suspect, lester hobs. first-degree murder charge and a kidnapping charge against the 47-year-old. they want everyone's help lacking for the vehicle, a '92 white toyota pa say i don't with oklahoma license plates number.
3:47 pm
the national center for missing children are participating in the search. new numbers for the viewers to help, 1-800-the-lost. we talked about her medical condition and i want to update our viewers. they just said in the press conference the medical condition is not the kind where if she doesn't get medicine she'll be sick. four foot tall, 65 pounds, carryingy whinny the poo bear. these are the details they want out. they have hundreds of leads but they're dated like people calling in saying i may have seen the car yesterday. they appreciate the leads and will use them but they need leads like we just saw the person you're looking for. four states now involved in the amber alert, they spread to four states because hobs has family in four states and they don't
3:48 pm
know which direction he's going. a lot of law enforcement on the ground, michigan exploited children are participating and police are asking for the public and media's help. if we get more i'll jump in. >> on wall street, we're not having a bad day on wall and broad, off about 4 points. due hear about apple today? man, apple is through the roof. they got a report out today, tech stocks rose at apple blew away expectations with a 50% surge in profit and 32% increase in revenue and you know what that's about. the iphones and i touches out there. and there's all kinds of excitement for the company right now because of what we think might be, kind be, probably, a thing called the i-pad, like a -- who knows. we don't know what it is because they don't tell you until they
3:49 pm
tell you but it sounds like it's a bigger iphone, kind of. but it's not a phone. bigger i-touch and more of a receiver of information than a disseminator. whatever it is, i'm going to get it. you just got to get it. if you have to sell the double-wide, you do it because if apple puts it out, i don't know what it is, but i have to have it. i don't know. so that's wall street today. there was other good news. dupont had a decent day, leading the dow earnings, as the chemical giant topped estimates with good sales and strong sales of $6.81 billion. we're in the hole but i bet it will go up. we'll be back after the commercial and see what miracles have happened on wall street. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> shepard: remember a while ago we talked about the lovely guy with the grenade launcher and other weapons and map for a military base yet not discovered? that's what the associated press said. now some guy at the department of justice, a federal official, called our producer over there, mike levine, and told him no, it's not a grenade launcher. it was a flair launcher which is not a prohibited weapon and
3:53 pm
would not have to be registered with the federal authorities. we can go with that or we can go with what associated press says. earth way a -- either way a launcher of something. weirdness in new orleans. what is this? >> a weird one. i apologize for reading over my shoulder because we're just getting information. but -- i'm going to read from a local report. it's the acorn gotcha man. a plot to wire the downtown office. they. >> a plot to wiretap her? >> apparently. it happened yesterday but now it's released. one of the suspects includes james o'keefe. you probably heard of him. a lot of people in the news have heard of him. a conservative filmmaker and damaged the acorn credible.
3:54 pm
the fbi allege he aided and abetted two others. the other guys dressed as employees of the telephone company and intended to interview with the office telephone system a fourth person is accused of aiding and abetting and charged with entering federal property under false pretenses with the intent of commitment ago felony. o'keefe is waiting for someone to arrive. weird story that needs a lot of contacts and looking into but i wanted to get on the record. >> they're saying they're looking for acorn hanky pagany and tried to tap into mary landrieu's telephone to get it? >> that could be one way of looking at it. >> i guess we'll find out. >> we will. >> we will look forward to that. thank you. bear alert. this one is cat versus bear.
3:55 pm
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3:58 pm
a camera records it. the bear versus kitty, rr, chomp, chomp. kitty becomes lunch, no the cat stands its ground against the larger bear. they think it's hilarious inside. the intruder takes a last attempt at lunch and grabs the goods and took off. presumably to feast of a taking a ride on the "studio b" trampoline. that wouldn't have been nearly as interesting had the bear eaten the cat. we wouldn't have showed you that. we wouldn't have showed it. don't worry. a beloved giant panda in washington -- he's a bear two. he's preparing to head to china. thai sean grating last summer as if he knew it was his birthday. he's expected to leave d.c. a week from thursday and headed to china on a fedex flight.
3:59 pm
absolutely positively. he goes with a giant female panda. no word on if there are travel liens there but we hear they're all the rage in montana. this is the part where some of you email and said stop showing that. we ignore you. did the bear die later? yes, but i was on a trampoline 20 years ago and i'll die in the next 30 or 40 or maybe it is next three and today will not be related. we love this bear, we love this trampoline. there are few pleasures left in life but this is one of them so go ahead, get your computer and start writing, it's horrible. no it's not. it's just fine. itit would horrible if cavuto

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